Cougar Canyon Wins "#3 Best New Course in 2008" by Golf Digest Magazine

December 15, 2008

New Awards Category Earns Cougar Canyon a #1 National Ranking for Value

In any given year, a #3 national ranking by Golf Digest Magazine is a golf course operator's dream. In this year particularly, the prestigious national ranking for Cougar Canyon means a whole lot more considering who else was ranked and why.

So, what's so special about #3 this year as opposed to years past? Simply put, it's about the competition. For more than a decade Golf Digest ranked golf courses in the categories of "Affordable Public" and "Upscale Public", and the dividing line between the two in recent years was a $75 green fee. Because there were more categories, more courses could claim victory in the race for the exalted Golf Digest #1, the veritable Oscar of the golf course industry. This year the magazine decided to do away with the individual categories in favor of the broader, more inclusive "Best New Public" category.

While the categories may have disappeared, the obvious discrepancy in green fees between the upscale and affordable courses has not. Both the #1 course on the list, Chambers Bay, and the #2 course, The Chase at PGA Club Coyote Springs, would both have previously been assigned to the upscale public course category; each course charges $175 for 18 holes of golf. Cougar Canyon, on the other hand, is an extremely reasonable $69 at its current peak rate. If Golf Digest's rating categories had remained unchanged, Cougar Canyon would have been sitting atop the heap this year in the Affordable Public category with Oscar in hand.

But the drama of this year's awards doesnít end with the change in designation. The first, second, and fourth-ranked courses in the Best New Public Course category all have an interesting storyline that in one way or another affect or reflect upon Cougar Canyon's ranking. Chambers Bay, the first place winner near Tacoma, Washington, may be better classified as the course of the decade rather than the course of the year. Not only has it won multiple first place awards since opening in 2007, but it also secured the U.S. Open Championship in 2015 only eight months after opening. #2 on the list, The Chase at Coyote Springs, is by many accounts one of Jack Nicklaus's finest design efforts to-date and is soon to be the centerpiece of a 43,000 acre, 150,000-home community near Las Vegas that will have up to fifteen other golf courses . Small wonder, then, that Cougar Canyon didnít place #1 or #2 in the revamped public course category. #3 looks pretty good in comparison when #1 and #2 are the Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz of new golf courses.

Last but not least in this year's Golf Digest race for the finish is Four Mile Ranch, the course selected fourth overall and one which happens to be Cougar Canyon's neighbor. The new Jim Engh course is less than two hours up the road from Trinidad, Colorado, Cougar Canyon's hometown, and will help to spotlight golf in the region. Along with Cougar Canyon, Four Mile Ranch, The Broadmoor (home of the 2008 U.S. Senior Open), and Grandote Peaks create the necessary critical golf course mass to ensure that Southern Colorado will be a national golf destination.

And once players and their entourages arrive at Cougar Canyon, they will be treated to a boutique, 117-suite hotel; full-service spa, equestrian center, and budding community vineyards to compliment the world-class golf experience. Snugly nestled amongst these amenities will be 1,700 homes and home sites which are perfect for anyone looking for a second home with a reasonable price tag.

With the announcement of Golf Digest Magazine's "Best of" awards for 2008, Cougar Canyon, which is located in Trinidad, Colorado, received its third national award in less than sixty days. In late October, Golfweek Magazine awarded Cougar Canyon its "#5 Best New Course" for 2007-2008. Just a week prior to the Golfweek award, LINKS Magazine honored Cougar Canyon as the winner in the category of "Best for Resort Lifestyle" in the magazine's well-read "Americaís Premier Properties" guide for 2008-2009. Cougar Canyon's first national recognition came from GOLF Magazine earlier this year with a spot in its "Top Ten Courses You Can Play in the U.S." awards for 2007.

For more information about Cougar Canyon, please visit or call (877) 547-7455.

Trinidad, Colorado December 11, 2008

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