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November 06, 2007

BY Dan Vukelich....Jack Nicklaus is certainly head to Golf Heaven but he may have to make a short layover in Golf-Architect Purgatory, thanks to the overly difficult course he designed over his career. Nicklaus's involvement in Cougar Canyon Golf Resort in Trinidad, CO, however, may shorten his torment in the seven levels - thanks to a new sensitivity to the natural flow of the terrain and minimal engineering of greens and fairways. Still, Cougar Canyon has teeth thanks to lengths of 5,442 to 7,789 yards, plenty of elevation change, semi-blind shots, especially off the tee, and eye-fooling contours that add up to a slope of 139.

Trinidad? you ask. Isn't it that old mining town north of Raton Pass? Old mining town yes; sleepy not for much longer. Now at 10,000 in population and experiencing a renaissance, Trinidad' pleasant summer climate is attracting Arizona and California retirees.

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