Trinidad and Southern Colorado

300 Days of Sunshine. A Lifetime of Adventures.

Cougar Canyon basks in a mild climate that is ideal for enjoying the Great Outdoors all year-round.

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In addition to world-class golf, the wilderness areas surrounding Cougar Canyon offer unlimited hiking, fishing, site-seeing, and hunting.

Nearby Trinidad Lake is a favorite spot for boating, fishing and water sports.

Located at the junction of two Colorado State Scenic Byways, Cougar Canyon is the perfect base camp for exploring the Santa Fe Trail and the Scenic Highway of Legends. Here you can follow the footsteps of Spanish conquistadors, brave pioneers, and bold-faced outlaws.

But long before people came to this area, millions of years before even the Sangre de Cristos were born, dinosaurs roamed the lush tropical forests that once flourished here. They left behind the longest set of dinosaur tracks in North America! There are over 1,300 footprints along the Purgatoire River for you to discover.

As you can see, life at Cougar Canyon holds something for everyone, whether it's the avid golfer, the wildlife enthusiast, the amateur historian and paleontologist, or merely the person who craves the wide open spaces and cool mountain breezes.

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For more information about the Cougar Canyon community and the NICKLAUS DESIGN golf course, contact us.


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