Canyon Club Outing to Trinchera Cave, Falls, and Purgatoire Canyon

One of the Many Petroglyphs at Trinchera Cave

A Day of Caves, Canyons, and Cuisine!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009 was the date of The Canyon Club's first outing. Even though the day started out under to cover of drizzle and low clouds, but that didn't deter a fantastic turnout of twenty people for the day's adventure.

We had the best two guides that Southern Colorado has to offer. Our two fearless leaders were Jim Silva, the former ranch manager of the River Canyon Ranch (a 130,000 acre property that hosted both locations), and Willard Louden, a regionally-famous archeologist who discovered Trinchera Cave and for whom the Louden-Henritze Archeology Musuem in Trinidad is named.

Our first stop was Trinchera Cave, which is one of the "most significant archeological sites in Southern Colorado," according to Mr. Louden.

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